Finger in the Pie’s Moby Dick


Finger in the Pie present a showing from their current work in progress Moby Dick. Join them as they take you on a musical voyage in a chaotic hunt for Melville’s iconic White Whale. the event will feature a concert performance of the aural exploration they have undertaken into the classic text, which will become the backbone of the final theatrical production of the show in 2014.

Praise for our previous production, Waiting for Ticket £13.50 | £10 Online £12.50 | £9 Stanley at Mimetic 2012:

‘Hilariously funny as well as deeply Book online poignant, …. A work of pure genius.’ ★★★★★ EDINBURGH GUIDE 

Ticket £13.50 | £10 Online £12.50 | £9
Runs 55 mins
Nationality: UK


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