Moby Dick

Finger in the Pie are currently embarking on a year long exploration of Moby Dick. Phase One will look at music and song – specifically the juxtaposition and interweaving of the a cappella tradition of sea faring folk song and the drone of the Baltic polyharmonic tradition of choral singing. This is being explored through the lens of a Grotowski inspired philosophy that movement, song and text are all intertwined and should be treated as the same element.  A task aided as the traditional sea faring work song is by its nature inexorably linked to the movements of the work which accompany it. Narratively we are looking to transpose the voyage through song – with the workings of the ship and Nantucket harbour explored through traditional song, while the religious tone of the novel finds its transposition in the religious tone of the Baltic drone.

This first stage of the exploration will occur during July 2013 with a concert performance as part of Mimetic 2013 ( We will then return to the piece in September 2013 to work on movement and staging before mounting the piece for a two week performance split between the Dugdale Arts Centre and the Greenwhich Theatre.

The second phase of the project will then begin in early 2014 and will look at narrative and dramaturgy. Shaping and honing the material we’ll have created up until that point and introducing further elements of storytelling and narration.

The final phase of the project will occur in the Summer of 2014, finishing the piece in order to premier at the 2014 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.

Moby Dick is being created with the support of: Arts Council England, Greenwich Theatre, The Millfield Arts Centre, Mimetic Festival, Middlesex University, The Point In Eastleigh and Royal Vicotria Hall Foundation.

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