Tiny Wallops Travelling Freakarium

Tiny Wallops

Finger in the Pie presents Tiny Wallop’s menagerie of freaks, monstrosities and marvels of nature – collected together for the first time in one epic undivided show! Join Tiny Wallop and his troupe of questionables for an evening of singing, dancing, games and freaks!

A proper spectacle of music and daftness in the old style…
– Retro Magazine

The Tiny Wallops have gathered weird, wonderful and shocking oddities from the four corners of the earth, and will present them in all their former, and if you’re lucky, current glory. Every freak has a mysterious tale – set to music hall melodies for easier public consumption – that will provide edifying and uplifting benefits to the morally minded and maybe also a little hand to mouth astonishment!


Madame Jo Jo – Jo Bowis
Miss Mini Fanny – Abby Forknall
Mister Morning Glory – Benjamin Giubarelli
Finger McFee – Ada Kan
Tiny Wallop – John Bowden

Website www.tinywallops.co.uk

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