Devising Support

We love devising. We also know it can sometimes be an exasperating experience. We specialise in coming into difficult devising processes to offer positive, fun solutions. We can work as an outside eye to help focus your production; look at ensemble building and group dynamics; bring alternative strategies to help you overcome blocks – and ultimately help you realise your vision.

£100 – Half day rehearsal
£150 – Single day rehearsal
£600 – Full week rehearsal

1-2-1 Consultations

We offer one to one consultations and mentoring on every aspect of staging your own performances – including finding a venue, budget building, contracts, Arts Council applications, press and marketing, technicians and common practice.

With over 10 years experience staging theatre and cabaret in London’s West End, The Edinburgh Fringe, and touring throughout the UK we have the contacts and advice to save you both time and money.

£50 – A single 1 hour one-off session
£75 – A single 2 hour one-off session
£150 – A series of four 1 hour sessions

Arts Council Funding Applications

Finger in the Pie have a long track record of successful Arts Council funding. If you would like us to work with you on putting together an application we’d be delighted to. We have several levels of support we can give as you put your application together:

£50 – Proofreading and written feedback on draft application and budget.
£100 – 1 hour consultation, followed by proofreading and written feedback on draft application and budget.
£200 –  4 hours of consultation, followed by proofreading and written feedback on 2 draft version of the application and budget.