Love, life and madness …

‘Appetite’ is an amorous exploration of eating disorders from a clown who has suffered a few. Imaginative, hilarious and touching.

Holli is obsessed with love. Who do you love? What do you love? Is this love? Where is love? One clown’s search for love via bulimia.

‘Brave and inspirational’
– Metro

‘Holli has a madness that frightens and entrances me. Go watch her’ – Dr Brown

WARNING: Contains sugar highs and lows.

Performer Holli Dillon
Devised by Holli Dillon and Alexander Parsonage

Collaborated with/Supported by:
Alexander Luttley
Malik Ibheis
James Farrimond (Exit Productions)
Kim Scopes
Peta Lily
The Mercury Theatre
Arts Council England
Colchester Arts Centre
Alaric Edwards
Dan Hernandez – K5 Studio
Inhouse Festival

Flabbergast Theatre
PALS – ED Unit Support Staff, Severalls Hospital