Meet the Placement


Name: Emma Groome

Role at Finger in the Pie: Producing & Marketing Assistant

How did you first hear about Finger in the Pie?

Six degrees of separation: a friend’s friend’s friend or something along those lines. Then I chanced upon the job listing for the placement approximately half an hour before the deadline, so decided to give it a shot- I’m very glad I did.

Why did you want to work there?

The theatre they create has so much heart- it really is the epitome of innovative. I thought it’d be wonderful to be part of something that did that. Also it helps that Flavia & Alex are an absolute delight to work with.

What do you do when you are not at Finger in the Pie?

I’m either making theatre, writing about theatre or sitting in the pub playing increasingly high stakes games of Monopoly.

What will you do when you leave? (in an ideal world)

In an ideal world, I’d end up running my own theatre, my own theatre festival and perhaps acquire a yacht along the way. That’d be nice.

What have you learned already? / What is your highlight so far?

I’ve learned that there is simply no limit to the amount of tea one human being can consume in a single working day, and about more practical things, such as funding applications. The highlight has been the Introduction to Producing Theatre workshop- some incredible people came to speak. We’re planning to host another one very soon, so watch this space- it’s an invaluable week for anyone wanting to go into producing.

If the office was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would that thing be and why?

My tea strainer. Because there’s nothing a good cup of tea can’t fix, even if your office has burnt to the ground.

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