Meet the Artist: Kiki Lovechild

How did you get started? The truth is I got started before I can remember. There are photos of me at the age of 4 forcing extended family members to come into the living room to watch my clown show. I charged them 20p each to buy a ticket to the show. That’s 48p in […]

Meet the Placement

Name: Emma Groome Role at Finger in the Pie: Producing & Marketing Assistant How did you first hear about Finger in the Pie? Six degrees of separation: a friend’s friend’s friend or something along those lines. Then I chanced upon the job listing for the placement approximately half an hour before the deadline, so decided […]

Send in the clowns…

The first Sunday of every February brings with it a gathering that would seem most peculiar to the residents of Haggerston. Every year in All Saints Church, just shy of one hundred clowns gather at the Joseph Grimaldi Memorial service, to honour his memory and celebrate their craft. Grimaldi, born in London in 1778, is […]

Meet the Teach – Discover Your Clown Workshop

Name Dan Lees Why is clowning a good thing to learn? Clown is very useful discipline to learn, it gives us useful tools for any kind of performance whether it be burlesque, stand-up or public speaking, by focussing on what makes us authentic and engaging on stage. How did you get started? I started performing comedy in […]

Hello Telephones Rehearsal Gallery

This month Artistic Director Alexander Parsonage was in Barcelona rehearsing with Can Ducks Fly Theatre on their new clown production Hello Telephones. Here are a few snaps from the rehearsal room.

Meet the Teach – Spoken Word Workshop

Name Holli Dillon Why is spoken word still so important today? I actually think it’s always been a way of expressing yourself and there is still very much a scene in London and across the world. You are running a Spoken Word Workshop at Theatre Delicatessen this weekend. What kinds of skills will participants take […]

Moby Dick R&D 2015

  Seagull of The Land Under Waves Roll The Old Chariot Along with body percussion Seagull of The Land Under Waves with text from Moby Dick read by Oliver Izod Calvary.C.M  Sacred Harp Trad. Musical Directors: Saskia Solomons Domenico Trombetti Participants: Sonya Cullingford Philippa Hambly Oliver Izod Alexander Luttley Charmaine Wombwell Robin Yorke Photographer: Flavia Fraser-Cannon

MEET – Kim Scopes

Name Kim Scopes First question – why puppetry? Puppetry is able to express the aspects and shadows of humanity that the human isn’t able to. It’s a whole new level of engagement for both the audience and the performer, and it’s great to see that the idea that puppetry can be for adults is becoming […]

Pick of the Fringe!

Where better to be in August than at the Edinburgh Fringe? If you’re one of the thousands making this trip next month, make room in your schedule for the Finger in the Pie Top 10! From the Artistic Director to the intern, we know what’s hot this summer. 1. Citizen Puppet Blind Summit Theatre – Pleasance […]

MEET – Michael Twaits

Name  Michael Twaits Stage Name Michael Twaits (usually in a dress) How Long you have been involved with Finger in the Pie It’s coming up for three years I’ve been the host of Finger In The Pie Cabaret, but a few years before that I did some of my first cabaret gigs in town as an act for the Finger In The Pie! What got you into the cabaret scene?  I come […]