MEET – Emily Flynn

Name: Emily Flynn Stage Name: Little Lady Luscious How Long you have been involved with Finger in the Pie: On and off since 2012 What got you into the cabaret scene? I began learning burlesque in New Zealand. I went to see a few burlesque shows there and prefered a show when it had some […]

Appetite Mimetic Vlog 4

MEET: Pi the Mime

Name:  Alexander Luttley Stage Name:  Pi The Mime (or Seren Adieu) How Long you have been involved with Finger in the Pie? Since Pi was born at Mimetic in July 2013. What got you into the cabaret scene? Part of Pi’s show introduces Mimi the mime, a burlesque character. After seeing the show (Un Cas […]

Appetite Mimetic Vlog 3

Appetite Mimetic Vlog 2

Appetite Mimetic Fest Vlog 1

Vlog originally recorded for the Mimetic Festival 2014

Finger in the Pie Announce Burlesque for Schools

[This article was posted as Finger in the Pie’s April Fool 2014] We’re really pleased to announce the launch of our latest project – a Burlesque schools tour. Inspired by Shirley Temple’s 1932 screen debut in the Baby Burlesks pictures – Finger in the Pie will be creating a cabaret and burlesque show to tour UK […]

We Should Celebrate London’s Success not Attack It

I woke up this morning to a debate on Radio 4 about whether or not Silicon Roundabout in London really consitiutes a technology hub in the same way as Silicon Valley in California or MIT in Boston. The one thing all sides could agree on was that a hub of specialism in one industry was a […]

Buy Us A Pint Campaign Launch

So we think the world is made a slightly better place with Finger in the Pie in it. If you agree with us we’d like to ask you to help us keep it that way! We’re asking you to buy us a pint each month. Well not an actual pint, though that would be nice, […]

Top Five Pies

You don’t spend 10 years running a Pie themed theatre company without forming some pretty strong opinions about Pies. But even back in 2007 we knew what we thought… Alex and Tom’s 2007 pie round-up: 1) Steak Pie At number 1 this isn’t any old steak pie. This is a Scottish pure Aberdeen Angus steak […]