Top Five Pies

You don’t spend 10 years running a Pie themed theatre company without forming some pretty strong opinions about Pies. But even back in 2007 we knew what we thought… Alex and Tom’s 2007 pie round-up:

topfivepies_steak1) Steak Pie

At number 1 this isn’t any old steak pie. This is a Scottish pure Aberdeen Angus steak pie with ‘sauce ’. Prime steak smothered in a rich beef gravy, wrapped in short crust pastry then deep fried to perfection. Life doesn’t get better.


2 )Steak and Kidney Pudding

Steak, kidney, suet pastry. Simple honest and bloody brilliant. There really is nothing like it. At number two its the magestic streak and kidney pudding.



3) Pi

Pies. Ever noticed how pies are spherical? Easy to measure their circumference; but what if you need to know their diameter? Basic school boy arithmetic and Pi – sorted. Indispensable pie knowledge.


4) Pork Pie

A raised pork pie. Preferably form Melton Mowbray, smothered in English mustard and accompanied by a good Scotch Egg. You can’t do better than a traditional pub lunch.


5) Cornish Pasty

What’s the perfect accompaniment to a couple of ales on a sunny afternoon? Yes at number five it’s the traditional Cornish pasty. Swede, potato, carrot, onion and chunks of steak. Heaven.

For more Pie based fun, including our very own Steak and Kidney and Pork Pie recipes, check out Finger in the Pie’s cookery book ‘The Art of Pyes Made Plain and Easy

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