MEET: Pi the Mime

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Alexander Luttley

Stage Name: 

Pi The Mime (or Seren Adieu)

How Long you have been involved with Finger in the Pie?

Since Pi was born at Mimetic in July 2013.

What got you into the cabaret scene?

Part of Pi’s show introduces Mimi the mime, a burlesque character. After seeing the show (Un Cas de Nostalgie), Finger in the Pie approached the cheeky mime and said “That Character needs to be on the Cabaret scene!” And so, in January 2014, Pi appeared at Madame Jojo’s at the Finger in the Pie Cabaret.

Have you had any other “characters” or “personas” in your career to date?

Pi has many other mimes in his head (Mimi the burlesque mime, Ameli the ballet mime, Sayuri the geisha mime, Zabini the gypsy mime and – most recently – Pi-Ley Cyrus). Seren Adieu, a drag character from the valleys of Wales was born for Mimetic Festival 2014, to be the host of Pi’s Bar.

What about your job do you enjoy the most?

The people. On stage, back stage, the audience… I love people and the ability to connect with them and feel something. If I can make them laugh or cry, or if they can to me, that’s an achievement.

What do you enjoy the least?

The constant worry about money. To give my all to my job I need to focus all my energy on it, but sometimes money is required and a part time job elsewhere is required – resulting in less energy to be spent on performance… It can be a vicious circle.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Ummm… being part clown, embarrassing things are generally the most useful and fun moments for me in performance. I’m very used to things falling down around my ears and just coping with it. Having said that, when you do a burlesque and you’ve forgotten that your underwear has no back to it… that can be quite embarrassing.

What is your biggest claim to fame?

Pi’s Bar at mimetic Festival was quite exciting. That made a mime very happy. Having a bar named after you is quite a claim to fame. Also,being nominated for BEST BURLESQUE at the London Cabaret Awards was quite an honour.

What is your party trick?

I’m really bad at party tricks… Generally, if I can do a party trick it becomes part of my act in someway and then ceases to be a party trick. I can do the old alphabet in sign language if that counts?!?

What is your drink of choice (for the kinder audience members, should they be so inspired)?

I like drinks that begin with a G – Gin and Tonic or Guinness. Thank you kinder audience members. Pi has quite a lot of trouble ordering drinks being a mime…

What would you be doing if you were not a performer?

Travel maybe? I was off to study biochemistry or psychology before I had a last minute change of heart and ran away to become a performer.

What’s your favourite joke?

I’m not very good at jokes… Ummm… What is deeper than the sea? – (Said in a really deep voice) THE SEA.

Who are your favourite cabaret acts on the scene at the moment?

That is a difficult question. Many, for different reasons. People who I cannot keep my eyes of during performance – who can do very little and have me smiling from ear to ear – include the wonderful Felicity Furore, the beauty that is GoodNess Gracious and the ever charming Kiki Lovechild.


Pi the Mime leads the Finger in the Pie Burlesque and Cabaret Workshop starting 18th April and performs every month at the Finger in the Pie Cabaret Showcase

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