Buy Us A Pint Campaign Launch

Buy us a pint,

So we think the world is made a slightly better place with Finger in the Pie in it. If you agree with us we’d like to ask you to help us keep it that way! We’re asking you to buy us a pint each month.

Well not an actual pint, though that would be nice, but rather donate the price of a pint – £3.50. Just imagine that once a month when you’re buying a round Finger in the Pie is there with you. You probably wont even notice the donation – but a little bit from a lot of people might just give us the stablity we need to move forwards!

And seeing as we’re friends now – in return we’ll send you out all the latest information about our shows, give you access to exclusive downloads and give you a free ticket so you can come down and share a real drink with us at Finger in the Pie Cabaret.

Become our Friend Now!

We suggest a donation of £3.50 – but obviously every little (or lot!) helps so we’ve left it up to you to enter your own amount. What ever it is THANK YOU!

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