Moby Dick R&D 2015

  Seagull of The Land Under Waves Roll The Old Chariot Along with body percussion Seagull of The Land Under Waves with text from Moby Dick read by Oliver Izod Calvary.C.M  Sacred Harp Trad. Musical Directors: Saskia Solomons Domenico Trombetti Participants: Sonya Cullingford Philippa Hambly Oliver Izod Alexander Luttley Charmaine Wombwell Robin Yorke Photographer: Flavia Fraser-Cannon

Moby Dick Rehearsal Day 5

The fantastic people at the Point have posted an recording via audioboo taken straight from our Friday showing. We also did a little audio interview for their Blog – here’s some of what was said: audioboo. “It’s really exciting and lovely to go into a rehearsal room and wonder how they’re going to be!” Helen, Finger in the Pie […]

Moby Dick Rehearsals Day 4

Day 4. It’s our second to last day at the wonderful Point Theatre in Eastleigh. It’s going to be really sad to go. We’ve had a lovely time. It’s amazing how much more work you get done when you’re in residency. Following on from my long term bug bare about the English obsession with putting […]

Moby Dick Rehearsal Day 3

Day three in the Moby Dick house. Bit of a breakthrough day today – the text has landed! Moby Dick was in the room as we started playing with text and drone. For the moment though we’re not hunting the elusive whale – as much as the elusive voice of the angel. Which – largely […]

Extracts of text… Moby!

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Text for Songs… Moby!

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Songs we want to learn… Moby!

Hall on the Bowline (in the shanty book) – also available here Fire Merengo lyrics here Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Roll (in the shanty book) ideally with a drone in the background  (replacing guitar accompaniment) so it becomes a lamenting line over a drone vocal quality like: Paddy Doyles Boots (in the […]

Moby Day 3 Discoveries – it’s Epic!

So It seems like we’ve discovered several things about how this show is going to work. There seems to be an epic element to the narrative which suits a chorus who’ll narrate through text spoken over drone/song or text set to drone/song as chant depending on the moment. There is then the voice of Ahab […]

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