London Cabaret Festival 2013The London Cabaret Festival was launched by Finger in the Pie in 2010 as a successor to our London Alternative Fringe. For two years it sat on the back burner while we developed our Mimetic Festival – then in 2013 a group of volunteers from the cabaret community came forwards who were willing to organise it:

London Cabaret Festival

Think of us as Anonymous but with much more glitter on our masks. We are the collective London cabaret scene. The London Cabaret Festival is now a joint project amongst varied members and representatives of London’s cabaret community – possibly the largest and most diverse cabaret community in the world. If you are looking for the nouveau Weimar Berlin scene, you’ve found it. But it is so much bigger than you realise.

There is a glut of mediocre ‘entertainment’ which dominates mainstream media and leaves little room for the skilled artisans of the mainly underground cabaret world to shine their light upon a wider audience. A recent attempt to usurp the hard-earned associations of innovation and quality with the much maligned word ‘cabaret’ (thanks, Gary Barlow) served as the catalyst for the cabaret community to run our own festival, from the ground up. This was organised in the High Church of the cabaret artists’ world – in a bar. This was also formed in the face of being shunned by the mainstream media, in order to showcase the vast array of talent that is practically bursting forth from London’s amazing and sometimes hidden live performance venues.

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