Clown Workshop

A two day intensive workshop with internationally acclaimed clown Frank Wurzinger. Having starred in Finger in the Pie’s award nominated clown adaptation of Sweeney Todd – Frank will be leading this introduction and exploration of clown in creating and performing theatre.

The clown is one of the key figures of european physical theatre, from the Comedia Del Arte of the 16 century to the masque and pantomime of 19th century, through to the contemporary Lecoq tradition. This two day workshop will explore how to use the clown in creating theatre.

Clowning is about finding the pleasure of being ourselves and playing with nothing and everything. The clown frees us in performance by harnessing our everyday weaknesses and turning them into its strengths. In this workshop we use a mixture of physical exercises, improvisation games and other techniques to create theatre with Clown. We look at performer-audience relationship and begin to discover our inner clown.

The workshop is led by Finger in the Pie’s Frank Wurzinger. Frank studied Mime and physical theatre under Desmond Jones, trained with Franki Anderson in Fool, ‘Guy Dartnell (improvisation) and studied Performance at the Central School for Speech of Drama. Frank has explored the clown archetype with directors and teachers including John Wright, Pierre Byland and Mick Barnfather. Frank plays the title role in Finger in the Pie’s clown adaptation of Sweeney Todd.

18 – 19 June 2012 | 10am – 5pm
£100 (£80 Student)

If you’re interested in finding out more, or booking a place we’d love to hear from you!

0208 887 7309


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