Short-List Announced for Mimetic Commission Award

Mimetic 2013 is a celebration of emerging international mime, puppetry and cabaret. Founded in 2012 by Finger in the Pie Theatre Company – in its first year Mimetic showcased over 20 performances from around the world including UK premieres and new work commissioned especially for the festival. As part of this year’s Mimetic (July 12 to 27), Finger in the Pie are offering an exciting commission to an individual or company to develop a new piece of work within the world of physical theatre, visual storytelling and / or puppetry.

This commission includes:

– £1000 contribution to the production budget
– A performance slot at Mimetic 2013, Dugdale Centre in Enfield
– 2 week residency at Millfield Theatre in Enfield in June 2013
– Mentoring from Finger in the Pie

The shortlisted applicants have been invited to perform up to 15 minutes of their work-in-progress before a public audience, and the winning piece will be selected from the work we see tonight by the following Panel:

Alexander Parsonage – Artistic Director, Finger in the Pie

Paul Everitt – Artistic Director, Millfield Theatre

Laura Bridges – Co-Producer, Finger in the Pie

Programme and Running Order

 3 Men on a Piano – Sideways Arts

Here is a world where three men are brought together around a piano, a bicycle piano that manifests the world in which they live, it accompanies their tale and wherever it stops is their home. They travel on it, sleep in it, eat from it and carry all of their worldly belongings inside it. You are invited to accompany the men on their journey and witness their day unfold.

Contact: /

The Rain in Spain – Intuitive Creatures

‘The Rain in Spain’ was first performed as part of the 2012 final projects at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). It is a work-in-progress that the company would like to develop into a much bigger piece. They are interested in exploring moments of meaningless madness that somehow entertain and move an audience. Our other work includes a sketch show performed to large, young audiences in non-theatre venues across south London. They aim to make accessible theatre for new audiences. Their interests lie in absurd tragic-comedy that places an emphasis on contact with the audience.


Boris & Sergey – Flabbergast Theatre

Sergey, one half of your favourite puppet comedy duo Boris & Sergey, presents for your viewing pleasure a seminar on the benefits of allowing possession by puppets into your life and the overwhelming advantages of voting for Sergey as President of the world. Marvel as he recounts with charm his plans for the future and feel yourself helplessly fall in love with his elegant flair for enumeration.

Contact: / @boris_sergey

Life on Wheels – Bella Kinetica

Contemporary circus company Bella Kinetica was founded by Lisa Truscott and Jessie Rose, and specialises in aerial and roller-skating acts. The duo has achieved critical acclaim and development grants from Lab:time, Emma Isley Aerial Foundation and Arts Council England. ‘Life On Wheels’ tells the story of two women revisiting the interweaving stories of their past lives and loves – from 1940s post-war optimism, to the domestic realities of the 1950s and beyond. Bella Kinetica will combine circus with theatrical devices and evocative use of recorded memories and music, alongside breathtaking physical feats performed entirely on roller-skates, to give the audience a new perspective on the enduring friendship of women.

Contact: Lisa Truscott: /

Pinocchio – Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire’s brand new show will be an adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s Adventures of Pinocchio. Their production will be set in the world of a 1950s sci-fi B-movie with a soundtrack of dub-step barbershop mash-up. The production is being developed throughout the year and will premiere at Edinburgh 2013. Pants On Fire create original, dramatically dynamic, visually brilliant and widely accessible theatre. With the simplest tools the most elaborate stories can be told. Brimming with invention, their shows include live original music, masks, mime, clown ingenious props and costumes, dance and film. @pantsonfireco

Un Cas de Nostalgie – Alexander Luttley

Meet Pi. He, like Alexander Luttley, is a dreamer, and begins the project of sharing with you the wanderings on which his mind has ventured with a wide eyed excitement. Since graduating from Rose Bruford, Alexander has developed a passion for less traditional art forms, both as performer and director, and has started plans on a business aimed at promoting new art and genuine human interaction (NOC). Ambitious, like Pi, he cannot keep his head out of the clouds and has made it his mission – even for just 15 minutes – to help others get their feet firmly off of the ground.

Contact: Alexander Luttley, or Pi, by email at

A Dog in a Manger – Kate Baiden & Johanna Clarke

A Dog in a Manger is a story of a man who is a guard dog. Figuratively. This project was dreamt up by Kate, who then enlisted Johanna to help, and then together they canvassed a couple more to help put it on its feet! Kate and Johanna have known each other since they were fifteen and have collaborated on many successful projects since then, but now in their post-university life they would like to start to make work independently. Their productions characteristically include mask work, music, physical theatre and storytelling.


No Place Like – Le Mot Juste Theatre

Tea, forbidden cake, a sunset remembered in gouache, and a pigeon that was really an owl. Inspired by real conversations, ‘No Place Like’ celebrates the everyday and the memories which make up life in care homes. Le Mot Juste creates theatre that moves, physically and emotionally.  They believe theatre should be political, in the way it compels its audience to discuss, share, and act.  The company is currently touring the UK with its critically acclaimed adaptation of The Overcoat.

Contact: /

Birdesque – The Galloping Cuckoos

Three fanatical birdwatchers, armed with binoculars, deerstalker hats and their packed lunch, stalk around the forest. They’re an awkward bunch, odd in manner, a collective that displays obsessive behaviour. They are united by their quest to find the rarest species of woodland bird, and nothing will stop them. The birds call to them, igniting the group to fever pitch, each twitcher frantically searching for the perfect bird – but all is not as it seems… A secret lies beneath their gawkish exterior, a secret they can hide no longer. Watch them watching you and see them express their true desires.

Contact: Gemma Williams 07931525805


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