Larval Mask

Larval Mask Workshop
Larval Mask

Larval masks are a type of training mask essential to the Lecoq pedagogy. They allow the performer to begin exploring how they can use their body to open up theatrical territories on stage. Participants will learn about the origins of the mask, and how it can be used to free a performer’s body as well as teaching important lessons about staging, movement and the importance of stillness.

The workshop will begin with a physical warm-up aimed at freeing the class of tension and inhibitions before beginning to examine and work with the masks. Working in small groups, students will encourage and direct peers in mask in order to develop physical and mask skills using gesture and movement. The workshop will include either physical choral work or the devising of a short mask scene.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will develop key mask skills

  • Participants will work in small groups to examine masks and direct physical movement

  • Participants will examine how movement and gesture can communicate meaning

 Booking and Fees

 The workshop will be facilitated by a company member of Finger in the Pie. All facilitators have experience in working with young people and hold enhanced CRB checks but we do request that tutors are present during the sessions.

 All workshops can be developed to fit the needs of your students and timings can be adjusted to fit your timetable. Workshops are available as a two hour or three hour workshop. A three hour workshop provides students with additional exercises and time to develop their ideas further. We also can offer a full day workshop wherein students spend the afternoon session working in small groups to create a five minute devised piece that incorporates music and further character work. Lastly, two workshops (2-2.5 hours) can be booked for one day  students.

 Group size must be a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 28.

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