Working with Schools

Finger in the Pie are keen to work with schools interested in learning more about the ways in which we devise our own productions. We offer two unique workshops ideal as an enrichment activity to your own scheme of work in devising and Mask.

Larval Mask

Larval Mask Larval masks are a type of training mask essential to the Lecoq pedagogy. They allow the performer to begin exploring how they can use their body to open up theatrical territories on stage. Participants will learn about the origins of the mask, and how it can be used to free a performer’s body […]

Devising Theatre

Devising Theatre This energetic and physical workshop gives your students the opportunity to experience and explore devising techniques used by Finger in the Pie in development of their own theatre productions. The workshop will provide tools to develop a piece of theatre using techniques such as Lecoq’s ‘Seven Stages of Tension’ and further ideas for […]